About our group

Our group was started in 2008, with the aim of supporting deaf children and their families that are from a minority ethnic background. By this we mean people from all ethnic minority groups, who look visibly different and do not look visibly different.

Parents of deaf children have always volunteered within the group, and we are now running the club on a day to day basis.

The families that are involved with our group are from varied backgrounds, including Middle Eastern, Asian, and Polish. Needless to say we continue to support all families where there are language and cultural barriers.

Since 2010 we are working as the registered charity in Scotland - SC041504

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Aims and activities

We run a Saturday club, coffee mornings, and sign language classes.

At the moment we are mainly based in Glasgow but we have recently affiliated to NDCS so that we can get access to local funds and do our own fundraising events. Once we have achieved this we would like to expand our services.


Additional information